Charity Work - Romanian Visit

For the past 5 years or so I have been working closely with Julian Ross on improving the standard of farriery in Romania.

Read the Julian Ross in Romania story here

We have been working particularly closely with Ioan, a young Romanian farrier who is proving to be very talented and very open minded to new ideas and methods that are proving to be of great benefit to his clients' horses.  If you haven't visited the Romanian Page, now may be a good time to click onto it. 
It will give you a little background to Julian Ross and my involvement prior to this visit.

Julian organised the week long itenery that included several overnight trains, middle of the night horse drawn sleigh transport, 3 national TV interviews, 6 demonstration venues, as well as liaising with Vets/Farriers/Horse Owners/Riders/breeders/importers, played host to me and my son Christopher.
- Apart from that he did very little!!

The Romanian Gallery of photos were taken during this visit.
I hope that you find them interesting and perhaps give a little insight into what I was doing there.

Click on the thumbnails below to see more images.

If anyone is inspired by these photos and wishes to help with further visits then please contact me direct. If you would like to find out more about riding or walking holidays in Transylvania click here . Learning to handle working horses is also available here in Sussex, UK at the Working Horse Trust

So, sit back, relax and hopefully you will be inspired to take a Romanian trip or assist me in continuing this work.

Jeff Newnham