Glue on shoes

Glue on shoes, correctly applied by a registered farrier, are an excellent solution for the remedial market where nailing on shoes is not a viable option. Jeff Newnham came up with a new approach to the glue on shoe having for many years struggled with difficulty to find the right product.

Jeff has been a registered Farrier for over 30 years and in the job he has encountered, as do all farriers, an enormous variation of hoof conditions, so the supply of high quality remedial shoes has evolved from these experiences, and from the desire to produce better equine hoof health.

The product now available has resulted from considerable research, drawing upon Jeff's experiences, and listening to the issues and problems faced by other farriers. The JNFS glue on shoes are available to order and can be supplied quickly to allow the farrier to find a solution in the moment for his or her customer.

The glue on shoes are extremely user friendly allowing a speedy application which is essential. Help and guidance is available from Jeff who is happy to demonstrate as well as supply the products!

Get in touch here: 00424 210516 or 0771 5273589