Basic Shoeing - Farriery Information

This section of the JNFS web site is to support the work I have been involved with over the past 5 years in the training of Romanian Farriers and Vets. It is not a “stand alone ” piece of farriery information but part of an ongoing support and training system.

The photographs featured below , and the text, represent shoeing at perhaps the most basic level. The horse had good feet! Good hoof/pastern alignment that required only a small change to the normal location of the shoes in the front feet. Machine made “Kerckhaert” shoes supplied by “Stromsholm UK” were used to demonstrate how simple good farriery can be achieved by following simple basic guidelines.

Further pages, in English and Romanian, will be added to this part of the site .

We have not yet included any preliminary assessment of the limb/hoof - this will be part of a subsequent section.

This horse was chosen specifically for us to focus on the shoeing procedures, in essence:

How to trim a normal foot and how to preserve those structures that are vital to the well being of the horse in particular how little to remove of the sole and frog in a healthy foot.

How to select a shoe that is both suitable for the horse and for its work and of sufficient size that when fitted is of sufficient length to allow for normal growth over a shoeing period and fitted in a way that still supports the hoof wall during maximum expansion and as far as possible allows the hoof and normal locomotion to take place in as near natural state as possible.

How to locate the shoe on the foot, how to nail the shoe in place,

How to “finish” the shoeing off with as little damage as possible to the hoof wall.

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