JNFS provides an expert farriery service for eventers, dressage, showjumpers, polo-cross, reining, quarter horses, and pleasure horses. From barefoot trimming to remedial farriery and glue-on horse shoes, JNFS is available for consultation and lectures throughout UK and Europe.

JNFS's overarching aim is to promote equine health through information and hoofcare expertise.This website provides an immense amount of data on barefoot trimming, and all types of hoof conditions including laminitis. Feel free to browse or download.

Our book shop gives you the opportunity to buy books we have selected to further your knowledge of this so important area of equine health. The more you know and understand of laminitis, its prevention and care, the more your horses and ponies will benefit.

Going barefoot is growing in popularity with the growth of natural horsemanship and the increase of equestrian sports such as endurance riding and Trek. Ask yourself - why shoe horses? Is it appropriate? Can we do anything better?

Take a look at the equine boots available in our boot shop to keep your barefoot horse protected in the field and when ridden.

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